5 Most Famous Branded Bags of all Time

People tend to see the brand of bags they buy. It matters for people to use branded bags as a part of luxurious life. In the modern times, there are lots of branded bags that have been produced by good companies around the world. These famous bags are known for having imitated and bought for cheap prices. There is no doubt that branded bags are expensive. What are these bags that costs a lot of money and are trending?


  1. Prada-This is an Italian bag that is used by elite women over years. This is made of pure leather that would last a long period of time.
  2. Louis Vuitton-This is surely one of the most famous and expensive bags of all time for almost two centuries. This French bag is widely used by luxurious and wealthy individuals.
  3. Hermes-This bag that originated in France is a symbol of luxury and wealth. It is made of leather of good quality.
  4. Chanel-This does not escape the hands of celebrities on top the world.
  5. Marc Jacobs- This brand is famous in USA.

These bags display the status of people who use them. As you can see, these bags are not affordable it’s not like 宏閩 that you can easily buy. In order to buy at least one of these, a lot of investment is needed. To women, bags are the most valuable secular thing they could have. It makes them feel good and charming but this is not the case to every women.