How necessary is handbag for people?

If you go somewhere what should you carry? Most of us use bags to carry our things whether few or many. There are purse for money and cell phone or a backpack for hiking. Some people even feel uncomfortable if they go out of their house without a bag. Then how necessary is a bag for people? A bag is just a bag if not being used even though it can be classified by its use and purpose.


In our daily life we can clearly see the importance of a bag. A bag you use to carry baby stuff or to put your things going to work. There is a bag for the children going to school and a bag of the taxi driver. A bag can be also in the form of paper usually to carry or store light things. A traveler using a backpack for hiking or security personnel carries a money bag, see this link 八拓. That’s why many kinds of bag different in size, purpose, quality, materials, class, color, design, brand and price was produce.


Sometimes bag are chosen by customers to use because of the purpose. If they go to a party, to market or just strolling in the mall they specifically use some kind of bag.

As we need our clothing, we need our bags. It seems more women carry bags than men. Even just doing some errand, bag is a woman’s must have it’s like a house must have. Cheers for handbags for we will not carry many things in our hands.