How To Spot A Fake Luxury Bag

We reveal the growing problem of counterfeit bags and purses. Some say it’s getting so good, it can be really difficult to tell what’s real and what’s fake. It’s currently legal to buy a knock-off, but if you turn around and sell it, that could get you into hot water.

Here’s how to tell the difference.

Real or fake? That’s the question facing women who want a nice bag without the big price tag. Who wants to spend 300 dollars on a purse?

People are heading to Facebook to buy counterfeit bags. Selling counterfeit items is illegal. You could go to jail.

If you go into some flea markets and discount shops, you’ll have no problem cheap bags with designer looking labels. But it’s not as easy to find out if the bags are real or fake.

The manufacturers don’t generally say how to determine if a bag is genuine. They don’t want counterfeiters to have that information. Anything that is popular is counterfeited. Amber Milan who runs A and A boutique, a luxury consignment shop say they can find a fake, and so can you.

The first way to spot a fake is that Louis Bags always line up down the middle. The LV symbol should never be cut-off. The same is true for Coach bags. Its signature C pattern line up in the center. Another give away is the stitching. When a bag is fake, the stitching will be very bad. You can see that the stitching is lopsided and crooked.

But to become an expert, you should know the brand, and really know the quality of leather, and the appropriate fonts of the labels.