Louis Vuitton through the Years—History

Louis Vuitton is commonly known as the world’s most luxurious brand. This is also a company that produces different products such as watch, jewelry, shoes, etc. We see famous celebrities and wealthy people carrying their stuffs as Louis Vuitton like their bags. They have made this brand famous for generations. Then where did this start and how did it start? It all started by Louis Vuitton, a French businessman who wandered at an early age from the time her mother died.

When Louis Vuitton was 16 years old, he became a trunk maker of a famous trunk maker in Paris where he set his foot after leaving his hometown. 16 years later after arriving in France, he was hired by the Empress of France as a box-maker. In 1954, he put up his own business and he made his own trunk design with its good quality. This soon became successful and famous in the neighboring countries that imported his products. After starting all of these, his son George Vuitton continued the business and under his control, the store started to become widely known.



In his time, Louis Vuitton bag was modeled. George Vuitton’s son, Gaston Vuitton took over the company. Under his ruling started the creation of Louis Vuitton jewelry.

According to a bag addict “Like this, the company has been growing o this very day. All of these took place over the years. Even after the death of the young Louis Vuitton who took the risk of raising his life, Louis Vuitton touches continues to prosper.”