Visuals to Spot a Prototype Branded Bag

There has been a lot of fake bags that are sold out widely. People are seen to be wearing bags that has obviously imitated pattern from those of the real one. However, there are still imitators that hide the crime in order to get the same price with those of the original ones. Of course, stealing someone’s intellectual property is not acceptable. So in some places, fake bags were captured and culprit is charged heavily. In order not to be deceived, we need to know how to spot a fake bag.

  • A branded bag should be made of leather.
  • A bag must be real gold-plated. Beware of the fake hardware of bags.
  • It should be hand-stitched.
  • Branded bags are 100 percent unaffordable. If a bag is cheaper than what you expected, then it is no doubt a fake one.
  • Zip pull should remain parallel to the zipper and it should be pulled smoothly.
  • The lining should not be papery synthetics.
  • The trim should not be sloppy.
  • The hang tag should not be shield-shaped.
  • Smell the bag. It should smell leather smell.

Before you buy your bag, see to it that it is original. Do not be deceived by just the name. Inspect everything first before you say good bye to your money. There are a lot of imitators on this earth. Nowadays, it is a bit hard to distinguish fake ones from the original ones. So it is encouraged to inspect the bag carefully just like this dental service read this 牙醫診所. Be much careful when you shop online especially there is no personal inspection on it.